A new Ram 1500 makes a great pickup truck. You can get a great Ram 1500 in Bullhead City, AZ without buying it brand-new. There are a variety of reasons that you should consider purchasing the Ram 1500 from our used inventory.


Reliability is one of the main things that people look for when they are buying a used vehicle. Ram trucks near Henderson, NV are known for being reliable vehicles. Ram 1500 trucks can last for over 200,000 miles if they receive proper care and maintenance from certified technicians like the ones in our service center.

Different Engines to Choose From

The Ram 1500 is known for its powerful performance. However, the type of engine that you choose will determine the type of driving experience that you have. You could have several powertrain option in our Ram 1500 trucks, depending on the model years.

Safety Features

Safety is something else that people near Kingman take into consideration before they purchase a vehicle, and the Ram 1500 is an extremely safe vehicle for you to drive. It is made out of high-strength steel that is designed to absorb quite a bit of any impacts. There are also additional safety features, including driver-assist technology, that can provide you with additional protection around Lake Havasu City.

Stability control is another technology feature. It is designed to help you stay in control of your vehicle when you are driving in critical situations. Additionally, there are airbags and antilock brakes.


Many people near Laughlin buy a used vehicle because they want to save money. Used Rams can help you save money in several ways. The initial cost of the Ram 1500 is lower. The rapid depreciation that occurs during the vehicle's first year of life is one of the main reasons that used vehicles are a lot cheaper.

You can also save money on your car insurance. Used vehicles do not cost as much to insure because they are valued lower. For the same reason, registration fees are also less expensive.

Come visit our Bullhead City, AZ inventory to see what our used Ram trucks can truly do!

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