Few things are more aggravating than bad parkers--especially bad parkers who take up multiple spots in the lot where space is scarce!

But, if you had a new 2017 Ram Power Wagon with factory-standard winching capabilities, those obnoxious double-parkers wouldn't be a problem.

2017 Ram Power Wagon Quick Specs

  • 12,000-lb capacity Warn® winch - STANDARD
  • Electronic sway bar disconnect - STANDARD
  • Front and rear selectable lockers - STANDARD
  • Bilstein shocks - STANDARD
  • Blacked-out headlights - STANDARD

Check out the new powerhouse Ram Truck lineup in Bullhead City, or visit us to see new trucks like the Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500 in person.

And If you're thinking of calling 1-855-5WINCH-IT, the folks at Future Motoring already did. There is apparently an extensive phone tree of button-pushing options, narrated by "The Winch-It! Brothers", that could route you... well, anywhere.

Please note that winching random objects around town in your 2017 Ram Power Wagon--like commercial dumpsters, other people's cars, grand pianos, and your neighbor's pool--is likely illegal. Consider your local town and state road rules before winching.

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